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My Story

Welcome! My name is Frans Lemeer, I was born and raised in Meerssen (Netherlands). When I was a child, I spent most of my time drawing as a way to express my imagination and fantasies. My passion for art has never gone away ever since. I decided to continue in this field and in 1979 I received my Visual Arts degree at the Art Academy in Maastricht. 

After that study I moved on to teaching extracurricular art classes to young students and eventually met up with some interesting colleagues with whom I initiated an art gallery in Roermond, which was there for about 3 years. This exhibition led to many more and I am very happy to say that I daily still enjoy making my art with a tremendous passion.


Ancient symbols and artifacts not only contain the world’s oldest mysteries but also teach us a lot about who we were in the past and who we are today. Our fast and fickle societies change the world rapidly and many of us believe that the modern human is exceptionally civilized and intelligent. How little do we know… 

By exploring and combining elements from the past with those from the present, more and more pieces of the puzzle fall in place. Exactly these observations stimulate the creative part of my brain and feed my inspiration.